Trust Your Instincts

Career Coaching: Trust Your Instincts. During the past decades, I have been reminded over and over that trusting my instincts is more than valuable. If you have ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink” (and I highly recommend it), then you’ll be familiar with the concept that the more we use it the better it gets.

What our western world encourages us to do however is that very opposite. We are taught to ‘think’ about things. To be ‘rational’ and that if something cannot be evidenced then it does not exist. I totally disagree. I observe science beginning to be able to demonstrate that things which older, wiser traditions have known for thousands of years. That means that it is the limitation of our scientific processes that means we couldn’t prove it, rather than it being the case that the thing it couldn’t demonstrate, didn’t exist in the first place.

Career Coaching: Trust Your Instincts

With gut instinct, it is a feeling, an energy, a knowing that we often can prove yet. It doesn’t mean it isn’t completely accurate. How often have you taken a job you weren’t sure about, taken it because you could justify a good reason not to, yet, once you have been in the role for a bit, discovered exactly why it wasn’t right for you. And then been left self-flagellating thinking “ I flippin KNEW it!”. Recognising we could have skipped that whole step and that pain involved.
Our guts are really good information. Our guts ‘know’. Science is now proving that the gut biome is the most intelligent bit of us human beings, bringing happiness, wisdom and health. Who knew? However, when you have had decades of being taught by authority figures, at school, at home, in society, that we need to innies it…
It can take some time to learn how to listen to what it has to teach you. We have to slow down, we have to listen. We have to learn to observe ourselves within our circumstances & then make informed choices from there.
It all starts with the gut. Pause, be with it, be curious…. watch where this process takes you…

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