Seeing Your Brilliance 

Career Coaching: Your Brilliance – Have you ever noticed how hard it is to recognise your own strengths and brilliance? Are you surprised when people say nice things about you, to you? If so this might be why – You might not be letting those complements into your soul.

Why? Because we have been raised in a culture that is still imbued with Protestant work ethic beliefs. The beliefs that come like “pride before a fall” and the “don’t boast, it is arrogant”, all still percolate our everyday experience. They prevent us from taking ownership of what is rightfully ours.
Yep! It was yours truly who gave a different answer when asked in a business start-up course “what are you most fearful of regards to your intended enterprise”. Whilst everyone else said ‘failure’, my answer was “success”.

Career Coaching: Your Brilliance 

Why? Because failure was familiar and comfortable to me. In contrast, success was the unknown and risky, exposing and thus vulnerable. I wasn’t totally sure I was ready to go there. I’m happy to confirm that from this point that success is a very happy place to be.
So, how do you turn it around? The first thing you do it you start saying ‘Thank You’ whenever anyone compliments you. Yes, it’s squirming. Yes, persist with it, please. For when you say “Thank You” even if it’s not totally heartfelt, that thank you allow just a little bit of the compliment in. These complements are what nourishes your soul.
Here’s to recognise what skills talents and capabilities you bring to your work … allow others to tell you. That what feeds you with positive energy that means you begin the next cycle of learning, a little nourished, a little glowing from your success. So firstly, risk surrounding yourself with people you admire and respect. then, accept their compliments and allow them in.
Try it! It’s effective.

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