Careers Coaching

Careers coaching and why it works. A quote from a client at the end of our work together was this:

“This exploration has been great. I understand what it is that I am not enjoying in my current situation. It has also brought important things to the forefront regards what I want to do next. Those things were definitely there all along, but now I know why they are important. This understanding means that I can take them seriously and that’s the way they will become a real thing” 
So, It’s not like you don’t know deep down what is important to you. It seems that it is in the understanding of its importance that it gains gravitas.
Track it back a little, what is it that you have found that gives you joy, what happened in your life that means that this thing was your salvation. Be curious about why you want to gift that to others. Then you will understand the gravitas of the gift that you offer. Then you will understand its importance.
It is worth diving deep for a little bit in order to understand the weight of the waters in which you swim.
Careers Coaching
Once you know why something is important, it is far easier to carve out the time to go and do the thing you wish to do that can help you pin it out in reality …

Careers coaching and why it works

“The What” has often been there all along. It is “The Why” that is the motivation.
Listen to yourself and take your self seriously. If you base your actions on this premise then you real hopes and dreams will make themselves manifest in reality. Know what drives you and you can harness that energy.
Try it – I Dare You

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