The Nature of Business

Leadership Coaching: Biomimicry. How can your team or organisation behave as nature does? Perhaps more to the point is ‘why would it want to do so?’

The fundamental benefit of biomimicry is that nature works in sustainable ways. In these times of deep economic, political and planetary instability, the importance of behaving sustainably has increased exponentially. We have demonstrated that we have an incredible capacity for behaving with scant regard for our environment, our fellow beings and ourselves. Now it is time for us humans to get some humility.

Looking at natural ecosystems, they have plenty in common. They all work as efficiently as possible, together, to achieve a common purpose. This is the opposite of how humans build businesses. The focus we have come to believe is ‘right’, seems a bit barking. The best outcome involves a few individuals have the most circular gold-things at the end of the day. Whilst all of those below them have less and less for the tasks that they do, In order for those ‘few’ to have more gold circular things for themselves.

Leadership Coaching: Biomimicry

These gold-circular-things can, of course, buy you ‘choice’. The paradox being of course that if in the gathering of these gold circles you are destroying the planet you live on as well as depriving your own ecosphere of wealth, then there is nothing to choose from at all. I have a postcard, I got it 30 years ago,  with this quote on it:

“Only when the last tree is dead will we work out that we cannot eat money”

Have we learned nothing over the past 3 decades??? Extinction Rebellion says otherwise. Don’t Be like Humans: Be like nature. Bio-mimicry has to be the way forward. Let’s do it before we lose everything.

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