When I Dug My Own Grave and Spent a Night In It.

Leadership Coaching: Comfort Zone. As a leader, how easy is it to ask someone to do something you wouldn’t. I don’t mean something you aren’t technically trained to do and thus couldn’t. Here I am referring to asking someone to do something that you would be too afraid of trying to take the risk. I too am in the situation of asking people to do challenging things. As coach and client, we often generate tasks that are way out of their comfort zone, whilst I get to sit back and hold them accountable.

So, it is my belief that I need to challenge myself similarly.  In the last month, I showed up and coached a group of fabulous founder / entrepreneurs at Next Level. That was out of my comfort zone. Next, I dug my own grave and lay in it for the night. That was even more out of my comfort zone, and yet, I am so glad that I did Both.

The Comfort Zone is the great enemy to creativity; Moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears”  

Dan Stevens.

The rewards for doing these things that are scary are many-fold. They bring learning and increased confidence, they bring connections and gratitude. Believe you me, there is nothing quite as good for gratitude than sitting around the fire with your companions after a long night, alone, underground. Yes, by the way, this was a wonderfully held piece of learning provided by The Sacred Trust on my Three Year Shamanic Practioner Qualification. I don’t randomly bury myself below the earth with no health and safety. This was a profound ritual of rebirth with 22 other shamanic initiates that brought healing and joy.

Leadership Coaching: Comfort Zone

However, was I scared at the thought of engaging with this process? Hell yeah! Did I want to run away? Yep!  And, did I gain from putting myself out of my comfort zone? Uh-huh! in Ways I can barely put into words. My life will never ever be the same again.

So, whilst I would never expect a client to go and bury themselves alive just because I did, What I do expect is that within this work a client is willing to challenge themselves. It is only by pushing ourselves right outside our comfort zones that things change. You will have your own version of terrifying and sometimes that ‘terrifying’ is exactly what is needed in order to shift forwards to where you want to be in life. 

What made it easier for me to be buried within loving mother earth for a night, were two things:  Firstly that I understood the purpose of the task. Secondly that I was really well supported. That’s what I do in life, I can support you when you need to step outside your comfort zone and into another way of being. You do not need to do this alone.  

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