Beware Chucking Your Emotional Intelligence Bomb!

Leadership coaching: Cultural Change: I’ve been reading Brené Browns Dare To Lead”. I have been feeling real gratitude that someone had put what I (& maybe you too?), see as ‘the bloody obvious’ into words in such a coherent and persuasive way. Reading it has stimulated a multitude of questions in me. Why? One of the drivers for my setting up my own business was the repeated disappointment at the lack of safety, authenticity, and honesty I encountered everywhere I worked…

My biggest question is how can we translate these interventions into our existing working environments. They are so crucial for business success.

As I Coach I have created a golden working environment. In this environment ‘rumbles’ are encouraged, honesty is valued, and mistakes can be held until the nugget of gold is found within them. This approach goes for my clients, for those who coach me and supervise my practice. This approach goes for my CPD and the business relationships I form. I guess this approach originates from 20 years of recovery from addiction and several years of getting honest in a variety of group settings for a variety of reasons. It comes from knowing that both healing and creativity spring from that honesty and thus I will not tolerate any other way of being.

Leadership Coaching: Cultural Change

I am under no illusions that a majority of workplaces follow this route right now. One of my clients, a forthright, dynamic 35-year-old, she volunteered this opinion: ‘Given a decade, most of my problems will be over. Those men of a certain age and a certain leadership style will have all dropped out of view through retirement”. The truth of this made me both chuckle and feel sad simultaneously.

“If you chuck an emotional intelligence bomb…”

I guess the trick is to learn how to handle it in the meantime. If you are in a leadership role, if you wish for change, my guidance would be to take it slowly. Make the offers, invite the feedback, voice, in a safe environment, that you disagree with an idea. To gently, gently extend the invitation for those you lead to join you in co-creating this environment you share and work in. All you can do is be the change you seek. If the change you seek is a safe one, then keep yourself safe too. Sustainable change needs to be made sustainably. If you chuck an emotional intelligence bomb right into the middle of some decade-old toxic-tinder then there will be an explosion, there will be wounding and there will be blaming.

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I am certainly not telling you to quiet yourself and behave nicely. What I am advising is that you take care of yourself as you journey. Gather your team of supporters around you… Pull them close when you anticipate the sh*t might be about to hit the fan. Reach out for support if things kick off unexpectedly. Don’t attempt to change the world on your own. Change the world, step by step, in a sustainable and self-caring way.

Do Change The World: Do employ a Self-Care Strategy.


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