The Benefits of Experience

Leadership Coaching: Experience. Have you ever noticed that excellent leaders are often quite quiet? Why is that so you think? I suspect that this is because they are secure enough to listen. It’s taken me a few decades to recognise that ‘he who shouts loudest’, might indeed get his own way. However, he who shouts loudest might not know The Best Way. He who is shouting loudest, most, might not be listening enough to hear what is really needed.

Excellent leadership comes from a mix of things: the highest on that list is the security of self. When a leader feels secure that means that she can listen. Self-trust is not the same as believing you are right all the time. Self-trust is knowing it’s OK not to know the answer. Self-trust is knowing that it is valuable to consult in order to find out the answer.

Leadership Coaching: Experience 

Self-trust comes from experience. Self-trust comes from surviving mistakes. Self-trust cannot be faked. People do know when you have this experience and self-trust. These are the leaders and enterprises that do not need to show up, hourly, on Instagram. These are the leaders that people trust. Their business or reputation is built on word of mouth. Those words come from others who have enjoyed the collaborative process with this leader and know they are the person for the job.
Sure, a business, team or enterprise needs a marketing strategy. However, THE best bit of promotion a leader can do is to bring themselves, their willingness to learn and their past experiences. That is totally magnetic and draws people in. That’s what brings the calm quiet that is needed in business.
That is more than enough!

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