A New Leadership Framework

Leadership Coaching Framework: I am noticing that is a really fine line between fear and excitement. I flew in from the school run this morning saying “I’ve gotta get on, I’ve got five clients today”. A 90-minute supervision session. Two New-Client assessment sessions. One Business Coaching session and a 90 minuted Career Coaching session. Now that is diverse. My husband sighed, my cleaner said ‘ can you fit all of that in’ and my response was “it’s exciting”.

And it REALLY IS! I have absolutely no idea what will show up in these series of sessions. I show up with a plan but what’s really needed is emergent. That’s the joy of it! I am secure enough in all the roles listed above to be vulnerable in them. It. Was. Not. Always. Thus!
“And, I recognise that this has implications way beyond coaching”
And, I recognise that this has implications way beyond coaching. It is ONLY when a leader shows up and hears what is REALLY needed that the true solutions can form themselves. This ‘top-down-I-know-better’ nonsense of the past 2000 years is killing our planet and will kill us. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

A New Leadership Coaching Framework

If as a leader you can have the courage to be organised enough to have a plan, but ALSO to be vulnerable, courageous, and curious enough to ask the questions and let go of your view then Bring it on!  invite the solutions to emerge then there’s a chance of co-creating something that’s based on reality. Solutions based in reality, work.
It is frightening to make yourself vulnerable. As a Leader, I guess it’s easier to storm in and tell people what they ‘Should’ be doing. That’s the self-protected thing to do. It leaves no chinks in the armour (aside from the behind closed doors criticism from those who know this solution is genuinely not fit for purpose!) but as this HuffPost article points out;
“Fortunately, as modern humans, we have the knowledge and power to change our responses and thinking about what is happening to us, and shift fear to excitement. When you choose to ride a rollercoaster, you may encounter fear, excitement, or both. The chemical release in our bodies is the same. So what changes fear and anxiety into excitement and anticipation? The chemicals themselves only have meaning when we notice the sensation and then give it a name”
So perhaps it is time to rename those chemicals that surround us taking the risk of being real and vulnerable and open. In Service of creating that RIGHT solution and not just the easy, obvious or self-protective one. To see ‘New’ as exciting, to see “Vulnerable” as potential, to see “Emergent” as true.
Same chemicals – Different journey: Are you ready to take it?

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