career coaching feel the fear ...

Feel the Fear…

Career Coaching: Feel the Fear… If you’re scared of doing something, then I have a solution for you. The remedy for fear (and yes DO feel it and do it anyway), Is to set a deadline. This deadline, set publicly, will force you to show up and do the thing. I have a fundamental restructuring and growth […]

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career coaching alchemy

Career Alchemy

Career Coaching: Alchemy. Today I witnessed as a client worked their way through a tricky time in their life. By the end of the session, they had worked out that this tricky-bit had given them their gift. As painful as it was to see, it was so good to see this outcome. I can say the same […]

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Career Coaching Triggered


Career Coaching: Triggered! I had no idea how hard I find it to ask for help. How did I learn this? I learned this when I needed some minor medical attention from the NHS. Referred to a ‘fast track service’ just before I went abroad for a fortnight, I arrived home to find that my appointment had […]

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Career Coaching Feminine energy

Career Coaching: Feminine Energy

Career Coaching: Feminine Energy: I’m gonna take a risk here and share a thought. I have coached people for a decade, and a pattern is emerging. I see two types of energy in people’s professional development. I’m talking feminine and masculine energies, and there is a huge benefit in both. Here’s why: Let’s be clear, by masculine […]

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career coaching i cried

I Cried Today

  Career Coaching: I Cried: Today I met with my Writing Coach, and I cried. She provided affirmation, and gentle challenge on the thousands of words I’d submitted. She offered wisdom regarding ways forward, reminding me of my purpose in setting out to write the book at all. I cried. Why? I cried with gratitude […]

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Career Coaching what's next

What’s Next For You?

Career Coaching: What’s Next? This morning has consisted of a flurry of emails and calls from existing and new clients wanting to resume or begin coaching. What’s happened? I think that mostly, we are all beginning to recognise that life will never be the same again and secondly that life must go on anyway. With Lockdown, […]

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Career Coaching What Matters

What Really Matters?

Career coaching: What Matters? Ok, so here we are facing a pandemic. Most of us are in lockdown. Who would have thought this would be happening! In fact, from a business point of view, 2020 never had the clarity its title promised. With Brexit looming, no business could even have a 12-month forecast as we have […]

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Leadership Coaching: Agility

The Tale of Two Leaders …

Leadership Coaching: Agility. There once was a leader who was Old Skool. He wore a suit every day. He worked in a young environment and all the others dressed smart-casual. He was very sales oriented. He did listen to his employees but would often take the reverse decision at the last minute. Morale was low in […]

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Leadership Coaching Boundaries

Leadership Coaching: Boundaries 

Leadership Coaching: Boundaries. Being really clear in business, work and life regarding where the line sits is really beneficial in lots of ways. It shows others exactly where they stand and interesting they seem to really quite like it. We did Shadow-work exercise. Working in partners one had the ability to draw their partner near or send […]

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leadership Coaching: Always "On"

The “Always On” Culture

Leadership Coaching: Always “On”. There are rising concerns regarding our flexible working culture leading to the ‘always on’. This brings the expectation that employees should always be available… this behaviour in turn leading to burnout. If you are a leader then this will not be unfamiliar to you. If you are a good leader you […]

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