The First Rule of Leadership

The first rule of Leadership Coaching ‘Observe’; Stand back, observe, observe, observe
Then engage… Listen, Listen, and Listen some more…..Listen to your Colleagues. Listen to your teams. Listen to your cleaner and then listen to your clients. Be. Gently. Curious. And listen. These are the people who both know the difficulties AND have their solutions…
Leadership Coaching Observe
How many times, back in the day, when you were in a frontline position, did you think ‘This just doesn’t work and we need to do XY&Z”, but, when, you told you manager, senior or even CEO they said ‘This isn’t how we do it”, as they continued to bash their heads against the nearest brick wall…And how many times, a year down the line, was a ‘new initiative’ introduced and you were left mumbling ‘did I say that before?

The First Rule of Leadership Coaching ‘Observe’

No external management consultant can know what is best for you. They can’t tell you what you need to do. It is those within the organisational system or, those who benefit from it, that can really inform you.
By standing back and observing – you’ll see the gaps. By going in and engaging you’ll be told exactly what’s needed… but only if you’re open to hearing it… So, do your team and yourself a favour, Listen. Engage and Act on what you hear…
First 100 days? Observe, listen, honour and ask…
Between you’s, you’ll already have all you need.

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