Excitement in Leadership: How to tip the Balance

Leadership Coaching Potential: Have you ever noticed that there is a fine line between anxiety and excitement? So, how do we tip the balance? Speaking with a client I’d work with a couple of years ago she voiced the in‘starting her business in Bali,

“all that heavy anxiety had been transformed into the excitement, every day of asking herself ‘what can we do to solve this thing’ instead of ‘Argh we are stuck again’”
Now, I am not suggesting the solution lies in uprooting yourself and relocating the other side of the world. However tempting that might appear in this December climate. What I am noticing are two important strands in that quote.
Firstly the use of ‘we’. She’s not trying to do it alone. And goodness don’t we just try and figure things out alone! Then we go in circles and get exhausted and depleted, quit and then beat ourselves up! Check out who you are journeying with, and who surrounds you that nourishes you and who holds you in good heart.
The second thing I notice is the curiosity in the questions…
She’s not focusing in on the problem, she’s gently curious about seeking the solution. These are a series of challenges to be worked with, daily. In a new cultural paradigm and they seem to delight her and that lead to excitement …

Leadership Coaching Potential 

So, there’s Yin-energy, there’s a curiosity, there’s a belief that the whatever-it-is can be solved. This is heart work, made manifest in sheer practicality, fuelled by courage, and curiously, by risk and by trust… It’s beautiful to watch it unfold!

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Try it. When you sense the weight of anxiety. Sit back, gently, compassionately, curiously ask the question. “what is this teaching me?” Then see what answers you receive. Do this often enough and you’ll even be able to give your over-anxious brain permission to ‘stand down’ and be much more present ‘in flow’.
They do say ‘ask and you shall receive’ don’t they. Maybe it’s time to give it a go?

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