The Responsible Workaholic

Leadership Coaching: Responsible Workaholic. Does this phrase resonate at all with you? If I told you I was writing this on a Bank Holiday, you’d know it resonates with me too…This personality type comes from Karlah’s Process Model. It’s really useful to know your personality type as it can enable you to make some informed choices. Whilst no metric can be absolute as we are all responsive to a myriad of things, both contextual and internal, this information can enable you to step in when you notice an unhelpful coping strategy.

Let me tell you a little about the responsible workaholic. She is on the introverted side of things, meaning that however sociable she is, it is when she is alone that she replenishes her energy. The responsible workaholic is an active type. No sitting down and believing what will Be will Be with this one. He gets up to amend the things he can see need changing. The responsible workaholic is responsible: She will do just what she says she will do. She will be where she says she will and she will do her best to meet any deadline. He is however also fuelled  by a ‘Be Perfect’ Driver. This has a good side: projects will have a high finish.

The “Be Perfect” driver can also be the Responsible Workaholic’s downfall. If things are not going to plan, you might find that you try harder. That if you just work a little longer, put more effort in, shove a bit more, the project WILL work out as planned. Sometimes when the project isn’t working out as planned, what you really need to do is pause, stand back, reflect and recoup… Whilst the stressed you wants to plough on regardless. If this is your preference when things go wrong, you are also prone to burn out…

Leadership Coaching: Responsible Workaholic

Want my advice… ? Just notice when your plan is not working out, if you start to grit and grind your teeth. Notice if you are skipping lunch. Notice that gutsy tenacity, that will have you ploughing on, alone, late into the night. Notice especially if you begin to feel resentful. That your colleagues are not giving as much as you are, or are not seeming as committed as you are. That is a real sign that you have decided that you alone can make it work, and you are willing to sacrifice WAY too much of yourself in order to make it just so…

This is the time to pull back. This is the time to invite others in to contribute their different perspectives. They might be hard to hear. They might just be exactly what the project needs. They might be the things that save your health and your sanity. The Workaholic is rarely effective, happy or well in the long run.

Pull back – I dare you. You might find a faster way forwards.

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