5 Ways to Lead With Courage

Leadership Coaching Styles: Be brave! If you can see something important that others cannot or will not acknowledge, then perhaps it is not only your ego that needs to act upon this. Perhaps it is an ethical matter. Perhaps what you are seeing is a duty of care and your unique, disruptive perspective is actually an invaluable contribution. If you see a way that you can care for those you serve, better, then maybe the time has come where you could honour that…

And, if you are courageous enough to be disruptive and lead this change, then you’ll also need to look after yourself. The term “disrupter” is currently flung about like it’s quirky and fun. Whilst disruption is really about making the changes your customers need. In actual fact, mostly disruption is painful. Disrupting the norm by truth-speaking and truth-acting is very uncomfortable for everyone concerned. Change is frightening. Truth is frightening. Uncertainty is frightening. Few people respond to the above three things with enthusiasm. Most won’t even acknowledge their fear but may lash out because it is there nevertheless. So to be disruptive needs courage but inherent to the role is the need for self-care, self-nourishment and self-protection of the ‘disruptor’ themselves.

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Change is essential. To remain static leads to entropy. Entropy leads to redundancy. The business or services are no longer fit for purpose. But, if you are one of those ‘bigger-picture-can-see-what-needs-doing’ types, then please don’t expect your enthusiasm alone, will convince others that the changes you see as obvious, are a good thing for them. There is a dual role here: See the need, THEN, translate that need in order that others can find it edible…. you’ll need to meet others where they are at and engage them from there…

Leadership Coaching Styles

If you are truly going to enable the changes your business-sector or customers need, then you’ll need to do this slowly, deliberately and with others onboard.
  • Take your time, choose your time, allow the time and be consistent. From consistency grows trust. One. Step. At. A. Time.
  • Get yourself a clear plan: know ‘The Why’ of what you are doing.
  • Get support: Find a download place. Who will nourish you in the dark moments when you think all is lost
  • Don’t try and do it alone: Enlist a volunteer army …. get a small team of committed, cross-sector, cross-organisational individuals to support you in this and advocate on your behalf.
  • Work out what you need to do in order to sustain yourself. What are your goals and rewards? What are Your treats and escapes?
As Heraclitus said: 

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ”

Therefore perhaps it is productive to choose that change and to handle it with elegance and grace.

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