Transformational Leadership

Leadership coaching: Transformational. So what I’m about to suggest is a scary thing to me. It is perhaps frightening to those of you who have felt ownership of their business, organisation or project. Transformational Leadership is an empowering thing, however, it does mean you have to let go of the reigns.

What we have been raised to expect is Transactional leadership, where top-down we are told ‘what to do’ and we are rewarded for doing it via remuneration.  Do you remember the frustrations of that approach? Of knowing there were better, more productive, enjoyable and overall effective ways of doing things? Do you remember being blatantly ignored?

Well, here’s your chance to turn that around for this who follow in your footsteps. It is not risk free. However,  Enabling people to organically bring their natural skills leads to SO much more as people are inspired to do their best, as organisations grow in the way that they need to, in order to meet the market need.

This means the team, the organisation or project is absolutely responsive to what is needed of it. It also means that, whilst ultimate accountability for the projects success or failure lies with us, we do have to let our people do it their own way.

Leadership Coaching: Transformational

I observed an excellent piece of leadership recently. A team member rocked up to his boss and said ‘I’d like to do X&Y in order to achieve Z”. His boss said: ‘I don’t agree, I think the risks are thus. However … if you think it will work then give it a try’. Now that is brave Leadership. And, do you know what? The team member’s plot entirely paid off and the leader was full of praise… Clean and ego-free.

Awesome work. Truly transformational. No sign of “ I pay you and you’ll do as I say”. Lots of ‘here are my thoughts, but this is your expertise, if it goes wrong we will sort it out together”. Amazing things come from transformational Leadership…. if you are brave enough to be adult and risk letting go!

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