Leadership: Unrealised Talent

Leadership Coaching: Unrealised Talent. You might be a leader and not even know it…

Leaders come on all shapes and forms. Last month I had an experience where I was cornered into recognising my own leadership ability 
I set out on a mission online. I extended the invitation for others to join. Suddenly I was leading ten people. That was a surprise to me… I hadn’t anticipated it at all. Inviting people to join me, expecting a couple, I hadn’t anticipated I’d have a tribe alongside me…And, when you are a leader there are risks…

People do love people to follow. And, people love not taking responsibility. What comes from that can be a Blame Culture.  Investors In People accredited No Blame Cultures to those industries such as health where life is at risk when errors cannot be reported. 

But do any of us flourish in Blame cultures?  I am all too aware that I don’t & I don’t know too many people that do. Personally, I’d much rather feel safe enough to admit my mistakes, to be able to talk it through and to find the invaluable lesson contained within…  I want all the people I work alongside to feel safe enough to do this too.

Leadership Coaching: Unrealised Talent

I want a no-blame culture in my work and my life. It feels like there is something childish about having to hide our mistakes as adults. It also feels like there are missed opportunities in pretending nothing happened. There will be missed learning, missed permission-giving and missed human connections that way. What will be lost most in the fear of making mistakes is the potential we all have to take the lead on something we feel most strongly about. Everyone makes mistakes:

“To err is human, to forgive divine”

All people commit sins and make mistakes. Godforgives them, and people are acting in a godlike(divine) way when they forgive. This saying is from“An Essay on Criticism,” by Alexander Pope

I just think it needs to be this way in every day life actually. That way we can risk and learn and share and grow together.  

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