Leadership Role: What Next?

Leadership coaching: What Next? What if you know you are a leader but you don’t know where to put yourself next? You’ve led projects. you’ve lead teams. You’ve led change.  You’ve enabled stuff to happen out in the world & you’ve seen the results …

What next? What’s your next challenge?
Its time to find out what drives you.  Not just what drives you out in the world, but what drives you on the inside.
Often, the best motivation for leadership is a desire to right wrongs. Our deepest desires for change were often triggered way back when … When there was an injustice done unto us, or there was a conundrum that we could not solve. When there was hurt caused or fractures in our understanding of the world.
It is often the righting of these past wrongs that drive us. Why is this? It’s because humans are innately generous. On the whole. We would rather share the information we have gained in order that another human doesn’t have to suffer the same. Or at least if they are facing the same difficulties, they don’t have to face them for so long.

Leadership Coaching: What Next?

So, there are plenty of wrongs that need righting in the world right now. What’s your particular healed hurt? That could well be your future. As you lead your kinda change, you could help so many others.
Briefly, revisit the past in order to see what it was that hurt. That might just be the leadership gift you bring to our futures.

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