Suck It And See:

This world is placing great emphasis is on being ‘ the being’ and not ‘the doing’. Sometimes however doing the exact opposite by taking action can be the best way to quit getting stuck in ‘the thinking’. 
We live in a society that has become overly sedentary and cerebral. We believe we can sit and ‘think’ our way out of something and into something else. We sit and join webinars, absorb TED talks, read half a downloaded self help book, in order to find our answers. We seek our answers in the information we are passively fed…We sit, sit, sit……
Clients will frequently ask ‘but how will I know if I’m going to be any good at it?’, when anticipating a career change. It’s a valid question. To this query I really only have one suggestion; ‘Try It!’. None of us can know if we will like something new until we try it and to be good at ‘it’ you do need to enjoy it. 
We may have a sense that pulls us in that direction, but you can ‘think’ about something as much as you like and you will be no clearer.
In my (not so!), humble opinion, in order to really ‘know’ if this next tempting-but frightening-step is the next one you you, you actually need to roll your sleeves up and get involved.
We are not merely brains, we are whole human beings. We have five invaluable senses, with gut instinct and intuition and with hearts that deserve to be busting with our good choices. To not employ all our physical, emotional and even spiritual wisdom, in our professional decision making, is literally non-sense.
Let your mind work in service of all these other senses. When you have taken the risk and everything about you us telling you this is the right ‘thing’, then, and only then, is it time to engage your brain in order to realise your desire. Suck it and see, that’s when you will really know.
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