The Most Courageous Career Question

The Burning Career Question: The foremost question I am asked is: “Can I make my living doing what I love?”. And the short answer is ‘Yes’.

“Yes” is also the long answer to that same question. Whilst the outcome is dependent on a sequence of decisions and pragmatic structured steps, it is entirely possible for everyone to make a good living doing what they love. It is essential for success that the following things are explored thoroughly and honestly:

job Satisfaction Improvement

Firstly, take the time to identify your passion and be really specific about its nature and it’s value. Identify and work with your inner saboteur: everyone has one. Create a really strong vision that will hold you through the tough times. Identify your personal strengths and vulnerabilities and work out how to use these to your advantage. Make the commitment to do whatever is necessary in the short term to make your chosen career work.

“Firstly, take the time to identify your passion”

There may well be sacrifices initially in pay level, time commitments, and crises of confidence. Are you willing to support your vision with other part time work? Are you willing to be really creative in making your passion a reality?

Take the time to identify your strategy and emergency contingencies. List the resources you do have and these you will need to source. Be very clear about your measure of success! These measures will be unique to you & will be unlike anyone else’s. How will you know when you’ve ‘got there’?

Ensuring you have accountability along the way will be essential. Who will you be answerable to? Who will be your third eye and notice when you go off track. What are your timescales? Are you in control of your finances. Are you being driven by fear of failure rather than the love of what you want to do? And how will you sell the change you are choosing, to those who love and depend upon you?

“first things first”

So, reading that, there’s not much to do! But first things first, if you have taken the time to really explore the first action on this list, then the next steps will fall much more readily into place for you.

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