Is Your Internal Critic Running Riot?

Work Environment Definition: I have always considered the work environment definition to mean that place outside of myself, the place with the desk, the place that I do my work ‘in’. I forget that it is both wider and also smaller in my internal landscape. It’s wider in that we are each a tiny part of our business community, our county and the international business landscape, with all the overt and indeed covert rules that accompany the transactions.

Paradoxically, our internal environment is the bit we have the most control over. I also believe it is the internal work environment that we mistreat most environment definition

If I am really honest, I allow a considerably higher level of abusive behaviour to take place inside my professional self, than would ever be legal in an external place of work. My internal critic is more insightful, and more vicious towards me than any boss. She also rarely goes off duty and gets stronger the more tired I grow from trying to answer her relentless demands. This boss actually leeches off me! I need to be very disciplined with this entity that would have me running from pillar to post to meet her relentless need.

The other mistake we make with our internal work environments is to refuse to invite in those who could assist us. Have you ever found yourself rebutting advice or actual practical help from a colleague because you think you ‘should’ be able to do it on your own… or because you think you ‘should’ know this stuff already?

In Northern Europe, we are actively encouraged to be self-contained. We are led to believe that we need to carry our burdens alone. Perhaps it is the cold weather that sends us scurrying in the dysfunction of our warm houses?

You know what? No woman, man or indeed a business, is an island.  Our best work is always produced from a place of collaboration. If we don’t open ourselves up to new perspectives there is no nourishment or inspiration to fuel our work. If we resort to battling with problems and challenges alone then there are no new perspectives or creativity with which to problem solve.

Work Environment Definition

Why would we sever our sources of nourishment? Why would we isolate ourselves with only our inner critic for company? Might we be afraid? Of being vulnerable or of being caught out ‘not knowing’ Or of being found out? Might it be worth stepping over ourselves in order to have access to such a wealth of life, love and laughter?

That is what I mean when I write of this definition of the work environment. It’s about taking the journey together and capitalising on all those resources. Because you’re worth it..? Because the work that will be produced as a result will be SO worth it!

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