How to Remain Temperate At Work…

Are you very particular regarding your work environment temperature? I am too, but, in this case, I refer not to the mercurial temperature. I refer to the temperature of the relationship with the people I collaborate with.

There are two things in particular that define this temperature. Within these environments, I seek to work with people who I respect and who respect me in return. I also need to be working within an environment where we hold each other in ”good heart’.Work Environment Temperature

These two aspects are essential. They do not guarantee that we will always agree, but it does mean that we can respect each other’s differences. They do not guarantee successful outcomes, but they do mean that we can navigate the tricky bits together. Fostering these work environments enables brilliance to be achieved.

These respect-filled and caring environments need to be fostered congruently throughout work. I cannot truly support a client if I do not hold them in good heart. No business collaboration will be successful if mutual respect is not present. I will not hear my clinical supervisor if she doesn’t present criticism gently or indeed if I do not respect her enough to rate her affirmation.

Your Best Work Environment Temperature

So the work environment temperature I seek is warm. Whilst there might be the odd searing tantrum (yes even professionals get frightened & hurt), but that can be tempered with kindness. There might even be the odd freezing cold standoff and this too can be thawed more swiftly with respect for the cause and the process. Moderate temperatures can be restored easily within the best working environments

There is s third thing that I seek in my work environment and that is laughter…. Authentic, belly laughter ‘with’ another is THE single best way of diffusing pent-up emotion.

If you are running a business or working on a collaborative project, things sometimes get tough. Sharing it, laughing at ourselves and problem solving together, this is the bedrock of any success

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