Which Work Culture Suits You Best?

When we examine work environment types we can be overly simplistic in our requirements.
Whilst some individuals obviously need to be working outdoors. Other individuals like my husband, actually need to be office-based because he is so sweet (read that with the appropriate level of sarcasm), I’m sure he might dissolve in the rain. This piece of content gives an interesting and a more diverse perspective.

What I see SO often are clients who have been over-riding their real needs with regard to the type of cultural work environment type that will really work for them. If you are an intuitive personality type you will get bruised if you work within a culture that cannot honour truth. We need to define what it is that nourishes our empath and suits our personality types

Because we are told that intuition does not exist, because it cannot be measured, then we behave towards ourselves as if it isn’t there at all. If we keep ignoring what is a huge asset in the right cultural environment then we cannot actively seek the best place for ourselves. if we keep on contorting ourselves into positions that do not fit, we begin to lose confidence in ourselves. Once our confidence is corroded it can become difficult to believe that we will ever find the right place for us. This is how we let our dreams go… Familiar?

work environment types

Now, Try This …

Take yourself back to a place when you felt you belonged. There might have been a workplace where you felt valued, even if the tasks you were doing were not ideal. There might have been a gang at Uni or a team you belonged to at school… See, you HAVE had that feeling before. Remember how that felt.

Now come back to the present and begin to believe that as you have had it before, you can have it again.

Hold that faith. Hold the real value of that. Remember how much more confident you felt and how much more you could bring to that collaborative effort with that sense of belonging.

Good Work Environment Types

Now seek that culture again. In service of being your best self and being empowered to really contribute to something, list the important elements of that past experience. What is it that made it work for you?

I’m guessing it might have been the people. That it might have been the team dynamic.

Might you now see the value, both for yourself and for others, of you finding that dynamic again?

Don’t surrender to the doubts. Hold strong to the knowledge that you will absolutely flourish in the right cultural environment and that to do so helps everyone. Seek out those elements that worked for you in the past and set out to find them again in your future.

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