Are You Over-Sensitive?

If, like me, you spent much of your childhood being told you were ‘over-sensitive’, the chances are that you will be carrying that message well into your adulthood. The chances are also that you may be seeing this as attribute as a curse and missing the benefits of your natural responsiveness.

The true title of those who can sense ‘the unspoken’ in any room they enter, is that of ‘Empath’. These types of people have the image ability to empathise and comprehend others lives without words or the more overt means of communication. If you do find you have a true desire to understand the tensions in a room and have a strong desire to help people, then it might be time to turn that old message on its head and begin to recognise this aspect of yourself as the gift it can be.
Firstly, honour yourself. What you feel, even if others deny it, is real. Protect yourself: you may be picking up on things that people are wishing to conceal. Your perceptiveness could thus be a threat. Choose when to reveal what you know. Knowing ‘the unsaid’ means you can inadvertently become a catalyst for unwanted change. Lastly, give yourself permission to explore the possibilities inherent within you.
Most of the brightest and most brilliantly creative people have been empaths. Perhaps it is time to reap the rewards of a strength you may have suppressed for far too long? 

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