Business Blindspots

A meeting with my business mentor today had me noticing how essential it is to have mentors, supervisors and fellow coaches to notice my own blind spots.

Feeling dulled and unmotivated I wasn’t really sure what I wanted from my meeting with this wise gentleman, but it was in the diary and I showed up just the same.
I soon saw just what I needed to be shown. I told him of my turnover and I told him of the footwork I was putting in. I described the clients I have and those who were seeking me out and the learning I was doing and experiences I was having and how all. In all, whilst I was delighting in my client work, just how exhausting it was all proving to be overall.
And once I had talked myself-out, with gentle wisdom my mentor responded with, ‘well, you are doing it exactly right then’ 
I looked at him with surprise …..
He continued with “to have that turnover at this point, and a steady stream of clients, and people asking to work with you,  is testimony to that’ . ‘The only mistake you are making (my heart begun to plummet again), is you are not looking at the bigger picture.’
He continued ‘you knew it would be hard graft, you know it’s about the relationship build, you knew the turnaround would take time, you know you are in this for the long haul, you just need to remind yourself of this. You are a good coach who is providing an excellent service and you are not far off meeting your financial targets. This is all extremely positive at this stage in your business development’
So its not my business or my skills or my clients that are my challenge, it’s my impatience that is my problem. Thus it is ME that is my problem! It is me that needs to learn to recognise achievements and remember to take a step back and take in the view and assess the bigger picture. It is me that needs to hold the faith and keep on doing all that I am already doing, because this is how it will grow and become strong. Recognise any of the above? Cant see the wood for the trees? Do tell me all about it…..
Bless the kindly people who can see our blind spots and indeed who can point them out to us with elegance and grace.

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