Do Yon Need Another “Iteration”? Really?

How are you with Business Coaching Boundaries? Have you ever felt extremely frustrated with other’s demands when, in hindsight, you recognise that you could have asserted your boundaries earlier?

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There is much talk of ‘responsiveness‘, ‘agility‘ and ‘iteration‘ in leadership right now. These certainly have a place in the engagement of individuals in the development of projects. These things also have a place in carving the best way for a team to achieve their goal. NONE of them is the best way to get to the finish line.

Be very clear. When Time is short you do have to hold your course with a rigorousness.
Don’t let anyone pull you off course. Hold the time. Hold the direction. Hold accountability. Unless there is a risk to life or limb then keep things heading in exactly the direction that has been decided.
Business Coaching Boundaries
There will always be others agenda to deal with ….. There will always be those who believe their agenda is more important than the overall goal. There are always new iterations of a plan. Equally, any leader knows there is a cut-off point beyond which change or new input becomes more of a hindrance than a help.

Business Coaching Boundaries

How will YOU know where the cut off point is?
TRY THIS: Take yourself back to a time when, in hindsight, you recognise that everyone involved would have benefited had you drawn a line?
What did that feel like? What thoughts were you having? What things did you find yourself saying? What Behaviours did you begin to engage in? What did this crossing of a boundary feel like in your body?

There! That’s what it feels like … for YOU

Now you will recognise it when you near that boundary again.
We all do it. What we can do is get better at recognising the warning signs. This means you can take action more swiftly. You will know your own set of signs that the boundary has been reached!
Might it be worth taking that 5 minutes to identify them now? This way you will be armed with that information and can act more swiftly next time. Then you can reach your goal.

Try it – I dare you

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