Leading Assertively in Business

Business Coaching: Leading Assertively: “If you don’t ask you don’t get” and this rings true in life and business. If you don’t ask clearly then you still won’t get. I have found that there are very few accurate mind readers in this world and thus my guess is that you do not work with or employ them.

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In that case, it is essential that you put what you want into words.
This is especially true for introverts, those of us whose brains run faster than our mouths can keep up with.
Have you ever had a conversation with someone, believing you have been clear, only for them to turn round and say “but what is ‘It’? What is it  are you actually talking about?’
That’s the moment where you recognise that you didn’t put the noun in. That’s the point where you might recognise that the first part of that conversation or instruction to your colleagues, actually took place in your head. Thus they only have half the information they need in order to make those decision or upon which to act. Just maybe half that interaction has taken place with your “inside voice”. Just maybe it needed to be spoken outside?

Business Coaching: Leading Assertively

So maybe it’s useful in your leadership role to identify what it is you need (either to happen or indeed to stop happening(, before you voice your thoughts.
Business Coaching: Leading Assertively
I can highly recommend the work of Marshall Rosenberg on Non-violent Communication. I am not suggesting that you reference this route because you are ‘violent’ in any way. I am suggesting this route because it provides a really clear structure for identifying, organising and expressing our needs. This is a way that you CAN ask and a way where you just might “GET”.
That’s gotta be good, both for leading your team and for the business it generates.
It is Very Quick: Try it – I Dare You!

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