Business Support: Gather It!

Towards the end of our work together, when a client had decided that they may
indeed extricate themselves from the working culture that has been causing them unhappiness, they suddenly realise that they have chosen to go it alone. With our working relationship drawing to a close, ‘ALONE’ can shout right out! This is the time to gather business support.

business support

“So how do we deal with ‘alone’. Well, no business is an island”

However much of a team all-rounder you are, you cannot do it all. We sole traders (a misnomer btw), self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, need others to support us. We need support practically and emotionally as we engage with our new enterprises.

“There is a ‘belonging’ that comes from joining other courageous souls”.

Since the recession, Kitchen Table Businesses  are contributing more than £300bn to the UK economy. This is for a variety of reasons: Increasing unhappiness in the traditional red brick industries where budgets and realism are squeezed. Individuals seeking meaningful work and juggling childcare being but a few. So, that leaves many of us starting out alone. So how do we deal with ‘alone’. Well, no business is an island. This business has enormous numbers of invisible supporters and it would not survive through my own sheer passion and tenacity alone….despite the fact that I would bloody-mindedly try!

I am self employed for two reasons. I love my work. I also adore the diversity of roles and agility in moving between those. What I can do by trying to do it all is burn out. I am a lesser practitioner for that.

Get Business Support

As a business owner I need support in time and reassurance from My Beloved. I do need mates who respect what I am trying to do & refrain from envious sabotage (even a sly comment could have devastated me in the beginning because this was new and I was vulnerable). I did need Business Start Up support. I did need a wise and sanguine Business Mentor who could help contextualise my pain, impatience and fears. I did need financial and legal guidance. I did need technical input on the website. I did need to lean SEO from someone talented enough to make it engaging (!). I did need to feedback in developing my content and it is almost impossible to market yourself. Why? Because we are British see SO afraid of being arrogant! I did need support in refining my blog and god does it take someone with the patience of a saint to teach me about social media…. now there’s a work in progress!

And I still need business supportI I need my clinical supervisor and my coaching and supervision colleagues and a whole network of people in related industries for cross referrals.

And, as I grow my profitability, I can outsource the bits I find hard, in order to free me up to do the face-to-face coaching that I love. This business now feeds back into the local community: a cleaner, a hairdresser and a talent who can regularly assesses my site stats and my bounce rates. I have someone to do the books and I have a website-angel and a marketing heroine and I will continue to farm those bits out in order that I can do what I love.

“Ask, Ask and Ask again!”

So, at every stage of growth this’s business has been collective. Through these collaborations be they skill swaps or paid endeavours or simply bits and bobs of generously shared expertise, at no point has this Daemon ever been an island. Why? That is because I asked! I asked and i asked and I asked again! Of course I been on the receiving end of the odd knock-back. On the whole however I have been met with genuine generosity.I have discovered that people who love there work too are really, really generous in sharing their wisdom with someone who is courageous enough to follow in their footsteps. There is a ‘belonging’ that comes from joining other courageous souls.

This Daemon would be nothing without the richness exchanges with clients, colleagues, experts and friends.

You too deserve this level of business support too. It REALLY is there for the asking,
But, Ask. You. Must.

You can find Rebecca here at the Damon Career Coach