Ever Found Yourself “Floundering About & Lying” at Work …?

Career Advice: tbc… A potential client asked me this question “Can you tell me what the three months course will contain and what the homework might be. I want to ensure I get the best of my time commitment”. My answer was this:

“Thank you for your question and here are my thoughts: I cannot tell you what the homework enquiries will be yet as neither you or I yet know. But, we will know because we shall be designing journey this together.”

It felt like a BIG risk to say ‘I don’t know” as that was not an acceptable answer to any question in my childhood. Which of course led an early adulthood of what I can only describe as ‘floundering about and lying’ as I tried to pull something appropriate out of the air on the spot in response to any query. This lead to many a misunderstanding as in my husband’s words “assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups” and I was surely playing the odds with this strategy!

“I don’t know” is a much more honest answer. I don’t know enables the next step of “shall we find out?”. and that is what coaching is all about. My actual answer was longer, so read on if you wanna know how that looked. But, the short version was “let us find out together”

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Career Advice: tbc… The Full answer:

“I think that if we use the logical levels (attached) as the loosest of structures, as we work to through them layer by layer, we will begin to tease out any business inconsistencies or work aggravations as we go along. This will take four of our six sessions.

This will provide a reflective space where we will explore in depth the threads of the business you currently have, the potential for alternative work and the place your family needs to take within this too. Then you will know what you wish to leave behind and which bits you want to take forward.

The ‘homework’ inquiries will be bespoke to you and designed for us. There will be questions to be asked and people to hook up with and things to be learned regarding new ways of engaging with your work. This way you can make informed decisions about your next steps. They will not be hugely time-consuming. They will involve exploring different perspectives on business or even latent aspects of yourself. There may also be some self-care included.

The last two sessions will focus on creating a document that will form your five or ten-year plan. This is where we really define your vision. Then we hone in and get practical regard the resources you have, what might get in your way, how you will overcome those things, and who you will need with you to make this happen.

Between these two processes, we will have explored your current situation with breadth and depth. We will use this information to get really practical regards what you will come next, how it will look and what you will need to do.

Sometimes all we need to be doing is asking the questions. Whilst it is tempting to chase the answers, often we receive them if we can let ourselves do just that… allow ourselves to receive…. I hope that helps. I cannot tell you what the homework inquiries will be yet as neither you or I know yet. But, we will because we shall design this together.”

Wanna jump aboard too? I dare you

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