Career Advice: tbc

Ever Found Yourself “Floundering About & Lying” at Work …?

Career Advice: tbc… A potential client asked me this question “Can you tell me what the three months course will contain and what the homework might be. I want to ensure I get the best of my time commitment”. My answer was this: “Thank you for your question and here are my thoughts: I cannot […]

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Career Advice: Kind

Career Advice: Kind

Career Advice: Kind: There is a layer or stream that runs beneath career coaching and that is self-care. No changes can be even considered until you attend to that. Most new clients show up here acutely undernourished. They have been running too fast and working too hard. They have been running from pillar to post […]

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Be curious, you are not a cat

This is the definition of professionalism by Oxford Dictionaries “The competence or skill expected of a professional. ‘the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism’” When I was in my 20s I really wanted to be seen as professional. And I struggled with it so much because I didn’t seem to understand the rules and […]

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Return To Work Credit

5 Ways To Replenish Your Professional-Self

Did you give yourself some return to work credit? It’s so easy to discount the sheer level of adjustment that returning to work requires of us. Having been too unwell to engage in paid employment for a couple of years in my thirties, in my mid-forties I find myself in a polar opposite situation. “My world is […]

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Careers Guidance Bristol

Careers Guidance Bristol-Stylee!

The words below align completely with my experience of engaging with really excellent professional experiences thus far. This is my careers guidance Bristol “Be brave, be bold, be daring as you can be, and then go and find a team of people who can make that passion a reality” Q Adam White BAFTA award winning Big […]

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careers guidance uk

The Benefits of Lowering Your Standards!

Protestant Work Ethic! That’s my careers guidance UK opening gambit today. I’m talking here about the mayhem a work-ethic can cause us when it runs riot through our everyday lives. I found these words in The Independent “I think 2008 made some differences. People who had followed the work ethic for years found themselves without […]

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Professional Development Plans

Professional Self-Flagellation!

Professional Development Plans: Sometimes pushing harder doesn’t get you any further than pausing, or even surrendering. Progress is enhanced by replenishing in the long run. Whilst I recognise I am stating the flipping obvious it doesn’t feel like a solution in my moments of frustration. I’m not very good at playing the long game. I […]

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job application

The Easy Way to Boost Your Job Application

Before filling in any job application I believe that you need to know why you are applying in the first place. If you are not wholly congruent, then, at some level the recipient will ‘get’ that! It always amazes me that whatever platform we use to communicate, our true selves are reflected there. “Always be […]

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Career Counselling

Could You Benefit From Career Counselling?

Recently I received a disarmingly honest request from a client for ‘a combination of career advice, coaching and career counselling please”. I was eager to meet this individual because this request summarised exactly what is needed, in differing proportions, within this career coaching remit. However much you may wish it, it is nigh on impossible […]

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Job Satisfaction Survey

What Makes You Happy At Work?

The chances are that if you are taking a job satisfaction survey then you are probably not as satisfied at work as you wish. Either someone else has asked you to do it, in which case that is about their satisfaction with your work, or, you are so bored and disconnected at work then you can […]

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