The Most Difficult Career Change Quiz

I find that the biggest career change quiz is the internal one: Do you Trust your head or your heart? In My opinion, it is really wise to trust your heart and decide from there.

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Remember, at this point in your life, when you are choosing career change, you are in a position of power.
You are searching for a new role from a position of security, you don’t have to move too fast. Yes, it will become increasingly uncomfortable in your current role, but you know what? If you don’t leave today then the sky will stay up in the air.

The Career Change Quiz

So you can explore and you can trust what your heart is telling you. If you are used to thinking yourself in and out of things, then you are disregarding some really valuable information.
If you walk into an environment and your immediate response is ‘I don’t want to work in this space’  then you know what to do.
If you meet staff or interviewers who behave in a way you don’t like, then you don’t join them.
If you have a sense that those who are throwing their questions at you in interviews, might not know the answers themselves either, then trust that sense in yourself.
If you ask what the organisational beliefs and values are and you can get no straight answer, give yourself permission to feel suspicious.
If you can get no sense of what this organisation is actually trying to achieve, despite their really strong media presence, then take note and be curious.
Career Change Quiz
It doesn’t mean that these are people you definitely don’t want to work with. It might mean that if you do choose to engage with them, that you need to be willing to take on some challenges.
 No workplace is perfect. Know thyself and know the challenges. This way you give yourself the best chance of navigating this transition successfully. Trust yourself. Your instincts are intrinsic to your decision-making.
Trust yourself: I Dare You

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ps here’s a career change test you can take if you wish