Stop Thinking & Start Doing!

If you Want A Career Change: Take Action. Sounds obvious right? But it’s important to take the right kind of action.  If you have chosen to change your career you don’t have to need rush. But you do need to take action.
Career Change: Take Action
It’s important to explore, ask the questions, test things out, volunteer, be mentored, shadow someone for a day. If you want to be singing a different song then you have to try listening to some different tunes. This will help you recognise which is a good rhythm for you right now. To just THINK about doing it is insanity
Instead of thinking about it. Try doing it. Quit writing stories in your head about what it might be like or what might be needed. Go and experience it. Go and ‘be’ it for a while. Go and do it and live it and be with other people who know the sector or role or profession that you are drawn to.
If our brains a predisposition to err on the negative then the only thing that I know that counteracts that bias in action.

If you Want A Career Change: Take Action

I don’t mean change your job today. I do mean show up and try things in whatever capacity you can. This way we become part of the feedback loop. This way we create for ourselves third opportunity to see what’s really going on and even to be potent have a little impact. This way lies informed decision-making.
It takes courage: if you are making the choice to leave your current role or paradigm then the chances are that you are already a little unhappy, worn down and maybe lacking in confidence? That makes it even tougher to take risks. But take risks you must.

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Small, bite-sized, manageable risks. This way you’ll find the new thing that you enjoy and that you’re good at.
Stop Thinking and Start DOING
Try it I dare you!

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