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Career Coach Application: Don’t let anyone put you back in your box… Especially yourself. In the face of a combination of excitement and insecurity, we can feel this as fear. When we feel fear it is very easy to resort to being our dutiful, ‘good’, do what we are supposed to do for others selves. Why? Because it is easier to do what others tell us, or expect of is and it is safer to fall into familiar roles. But, you can bet your arse that you’ll be less of a person for it?

When we step out of our comfort zone, we inevitably push others close to us out of there’s too. They might well react by trying to shove you right back in your box. It’s more comfortable for them. Mostly this is an unconscious knee-jerk reaction with no malintent. It can cause us some harm never the less.  Then we have your own ‘inner duty’ colluding with external pressure to conform and it’s very easy to surrender….When you inner saboteur is reinforced by the external conditions it is SO easy to go back to your old ways.

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The resentment you feel will not only affect your own happiness but it leaks out all over those that you love

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All in all, it’s WAY better to do the courageous thing, whatever that brings up for you, or for others. This is what will protect your intimate relationships in the long run. Martyrdom is rarely sustainable or nourishing to those around you.

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