Attitude Is Everything!

One of my favourite career coach testimonials contained these words:
“ relentlessly challenging attitude delivered with enough warmth so as not to feel intimidating”
Now that is one of the biggest compliments I could receive for a very rigorous and robust piece of work. I think it emphasises the efficacy of coaching. It also places emphasis on that this was a result of getting deep down and dirty in our work together
Here is a great article on the efficacy of executive coaching in The Psychologist:
The content documents the rise of coaching, its iterations and the growing accountability of this work. What I adore about coaching is the idea that we are working with wellness. “Coaching is no longer seen as remedial”. Don’t get me wrong, Take the lid off the box with any Coachee, in business, in leadership, in career transition and you will inevitably find proverbial Pandora’s version inside. Even if people’s careers are on a good trajectory there will be some kind of family, health or confidence drama playing out. And that is normal.
I certainly don’t position myself as a psychotherapist, I have a good network of practitioners surrounding me to refer people on if they are not coaching-ready. But neither do I work from a place of clients feelings, or responses or coping strategies being any kind of pathology.
Life happens to us all. Sometimes we can benefit from tweaking how we cope. If we can work with what ‘is’, the whole person not just the promotion, then we can go-create a truly informs and bespoke solution for you together.

Career Coach Testimonials 

So this testimonial that notes the ‘relentlessly challenging attitude’ has to be a good thing.
My role as a coach IS to be relentlessly curious and challenging. Unless I gently persist where there is resistance then I can never hope to comprehend your perspective on the world.
If your coach does not understand your perspective on the world, then your coach cannot possibly enable you to choose new ways forward that are bespoke to your life and work. If your choices are not bespoke then they will neither last or work. So if you engage a life, career, executive or business coach that does NOT ask you questions relentlessly then please be very very suspicious…As my husband says:
“ Assumption is the mother of all fxxk-ups.”
If questions are not being asked then assumptions are being made. I don’t think you really want that for your professional development, do you? This exploration takes courage. This courage leads to your bespoke solutions
Are you ready to answer honestly? I dare you!

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