The Very Best Job Application

Career Coaching: Applications – Bring your uniqueness.

The job application landscape has changed considerably over that past two decades. ‘Back in the day’, if you filled in an application form, you’d expect a receipt to confirm its arrival. You’d get a standard Letter of ‘thanks but not this time’ If you didn’t get to interview. If you did get to ‘meeting the team’ and you weren’t successful then you’d be made aware of that fact by the end of the day.  At least you’d be put out of your anticipatory misery and could make plans to console yourself and then move on to thy next one…
What I see these days (paradoxically of instant communication!) is that even if you put yourself the trauma of presentations and being grilled by the board… nobody even lets you know if you’ve been unsuccessful… and gaining feedback on why not is rarer than hen’s teeth…
Having decided to employ myself I am freed of this but I am shocked by the lack of care. When did humans become so expendable? What happened to common courtesy? I know… I’m starting to sound like my mother now…. but maybe she did have a point!
However, the job market is as it is. I guess the best thing to do is to know this and protect yourself from sustaining deep bruises by refusing to take it personally.

Career Coaching: Applications

One thing that seems to be a useful strategy is this: start filling applications in “authentically”. Yes, tick their boxes and evidence what you can do and when you did it. And, add this extra bit… WHY are you applying for this role. No job is perfect so make sure you say what it is that will drive you through those tough bits? What’s the passion that will carry you through?  What is it that’s unique about you? What do you bring to the table that nobody else does?
I recognise that I’m suggesting that you open up your heart in what we have identified as a less caring job seeking terrain. That might seem downright counterintuitive…
But there are two very good reasons for doing so. Firstly. If you don’t get hired you’ll have no doubt that that working environment was not a good fit for you. If you show up as yourself and you’re a mismatch, that can save exhausting months trying to “fit-in”… that will ultimately prove unsustainable and won’t be your best way of working.
Secondly, and I do get that this is a risk… showing up as yourself might just be the thing that gets you the job…. there is little that is more likely to cut through the dross, than bringing an open heart. No fancy cv design or perfectly engineered application form can beat passion and authenticity.
Bring your uniqueness, your experience and your proven track record. That way at least you will find a good fit.

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