Body-Swerving Burnout.

Career Coaching: Body-Swerving Burnout: I am an absolute Daemon for being stoic and ‘pushing on through’. Now what I’m learning is when I need to quit!

Sitting at my desk yesterday I was overcome by a surge of exhaustion. I looked at the client notes needing typing up, the 60,000 words of the book that needed shaping, the content that needed writing and I couldn’t even decide where to start.
To be honest I faffed about for a bit, like that was gonna make any difference – and then I surrendered! I picked my kindle up, I wrapped a rug around me and I climbed into one of my stripey armchairs. I set the alarm for an hour and I surrendered to reading a totally shite detective novel.

Career Coaching: Body-Swerving Burnout

Now, in Your world, this might not be groundbreaking behaviour. In my world, it was a revelation. Given an hour to recoup, and then a strong coffee, I was able to restart and crack on and get some good stuff done. The content had been brewing. The story slotted into the book. The Shamanic notes were easy and a pleasure to write up.
Ok, so what’s the lesson? Listen to yourself! I’m learning that my body is wise. So, if I don’t choose to succumb to its wise messages, two things happen: Firstly the exhaustion grows until I become unwell. Secondly, whatever I do produce is low quality and has to be reworked anyhow.
Surrender: Be “Yin”, just for an hour, and you might find your content has already formed itself in your absence. Mine did!

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