Business is Booming

Career Coaching: Business is Booming. Before COVID-19 came along, I was working too hard. As I write these words, they have sunk in a little deeper. The business was booming. I was working with up to five clients a day.

By the last client of each day, I would feel like I was totally on-it—adrenaline racing around my body. Show up, contract the work. Power on through. My body would be shouting ‘Stop’ at me. My mind had clarity, but was also right in fight or flight – showing up as “giggle.” I was well able to spoonerism my words – leading to more ‘giggle. The work was excellent, the work was effective, the work was fun. It is possible that I was powering on through too fast for the client in front of me. As that client left, the work complete, I would recognise exactly how tired I was. The wave of sarcasm or shut-down coming out at my family, never the client; however, my family didn’t deserve that either.

Career Coaching: Business is Booming

So, now business is booming. I have worked hard for this outcome, and I need to hold my boundaries. Like many, Lockdown has shown me a different vision for my personal and professional worlds. With clients wanting to pay me real money for my time and expertise, it would be really easy to let that go …

I need to make time for writing 60,000 words into Book One. I need to make time for my family. Most of all, I need to hold back so time for ME! It was me that was unsustainable. I need to quit giving away everything I’ve got. I need to hold the tide back a little so that I can loiter, reflect, re-nourish, and revel in my own life… I’ll let you know how I get on!

What have you learned in lockdown about your boundaries? I’d love to know.

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