Career Coaching: Coached. I am allowing myself to be coached. Oh My Goodness is it brilliant! I had forgotten how incredible it is to have someone witness for me. To have someone fully in my corner. To mirror me and to challenge me when I get stuck.

This coach doesn’t coach as I do. She’s different. She is she’s an entirely different human being, with different experiences, she’s of a different age and has had different successes and bruises. What she does do is fully enable me to inhabit the work. She’s comfortable sitting with pauses, she’s willing to let me work it out for myself. This is really excellent coaching. It’s emergent and nourishing, it enables me to hear my own truth, to hear it, feel into it, and align with it.

Career Coaching: Coached

This is not the goal-oriented, quick fix, sticking plaster kinda coaching. This is the ‘I’ll hold space for you and we can sit with it together’ coaching. This is unconditional positive regard, with a twist of ‘ I’m interested you said these words’ and ‘really? Is that how you want it to be?’ … leaving the space for me to draw my own conclusions.
How lovely it is when someone is willing to get into your world with you and to accompany you for a little part of your journey. There is great insight in seeing yourself through another’s eyes. Goodness, now I see my capability and who and what I need so I can make it manifest.
This is good coaching…  it’s not always comfortable, and, it is REALLY valuable

You can find Rebecca here at the Daemon Career Coach