Three Courses of Career Action

Career Coaching Course of Action: Coaching clients show up to work with me with one of two problems: Either, they worked very hard from the beginning to adhere to the Rules and Regulations, and still their career isn’t working out… Or, they were never very engaged with the Rules and Regulations in the first place. They worked very hard and those rules STILL don’t work for them in their continuing professional development.

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The common ground is this: If we are really honest with ourselves, most systems are not fit for purpose. An organisation that started out with all good intent back in the day, is often now suffering from entropy. The market that informed the birth of the business has shifted and its needs have changed. As a result, the system begins to implode… So, it seems that the problem is not the person. It seems that it is the systems within which we are attempting to operate that are impacting on our efficacy and our wellbeing. The Rules and Regulations don’t fit us!
Now we aged grown up we have choices. We can do one of three things:
  • We can opt out of the system and design it our own way.
  • We can attend to the things within ourselves that means that we can survive in a system that does not have the agility to realign with its market.
  • We can take a step back. Assess what systemic change is needed and then go right back in a disrupt the existing paradigm.

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When we are grown up we begin to recognise that we have choices. We begin to recognise that we can make changes and we begin to recognise that our potency is not based on our level of seniority or our income band but on making deciding to make changes in the best way for ourselves.
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When we are grown up we can begin to see that we can design our own way. Trust yourself. You do know what action you need to take.

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