Do What You Love

Career Coaching: Do What You Love. A client said yesterday are you treating me like a normal client, Rebecca?. I stopped taking notes and responded ‘what makes you ask that?”. She said, “well, I didn’t know this would be enjoyable… are we actually getting any work done?” To be fair we had just been giggling, However,

This question! After 90 minutes of my encouragement to her to “go deeper” and “tell me more”, of asking “what does that mean to you?” and “what happens then?”, in my efforts to really understand and gain consensus on the implications of the life journey she has been on…

“I believe we do our best work when we enjoy it and play to our strengths. Why should this exploration not be fun? Look what changes you have made in the last week – things that have been waited for a year or so”

“Trust the process – our connection is strong. You are doing really good work. This will emerge I assure you”

Career Coaching: Do What You Love

Don’t we just have all sorts of beliefs about what things ‘should’ look like? “Work ‘should’ be hard”. ‘It’s selfish to put ourselves first”. “The grown-ups have all the fun”. Hmmm, seem to have dispelled that one in the last 30 years…

Don’t these beliefs get in our way? I don’t remember anyone saying to me: “Do what you love” when I was considering my career. Only when I did what I loved, did everything fall into place. 

Perhaps it’s time you did what you love too? Life is short. Do what you want. Play to your strengths. Jettison everyone else’s opinion. This is your time. I dare you! 

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