Career Coaching: Feminine Energy

Career Coaching: Feminine Energy: I’m gonna take a risk here and share a thought. I have coached people for a decade, and a pattern is emerging. I see two types of energy in people’s professional development. I’m talking feminine and masculine energies, and there is a huge benefit in both. Here’s why:

Let’s be clear, by masculine and feminine, I do not mean men and women male and female energies, and we all have a balance of each, in varying proportions. Thus, what I am bringing here is knowing what each is and when best to use them. As far as work, teams, projects are concerned, it might even be simpler to see these two energies as ‘linear’ (male) and ‘divergent’ and ‘lateral ‘(female).

I have people showing up here saying, “but my boss is missing the point! They want the job done as swiftly as possible, whether the solutions we use work or not”. This frustration is not uncommon. This is infuriating. This is the business world where goal-oriented CEOs have forgotten that there is a process to be honoured to get a good solution.

You can’t see time or conversations or consultations or exploration. And yet, without these ingredients, in the crucible, the alchemy cannot happen.

Firstly, you do have to be divergent. All the possibilities need exploring. You do need to look through all the lenses: Problems, solutions, contexts, and systems. What works in one sector needs significant modifications to work in another. What worked last year may well not be fit for purpose today. A solution needs to be responsive. The questions must be asked and all possibilities explored.

Then, and only then, is it wise to begin to pull the solution together, lateral thinking, consulting, pieces the necessary components together in the right order. Then it is time to implement the linear process. This is when you know what your goal is. It is time to get from A-B.

I see one of two things – either the divergent and lateral phases are skipped altogether. As a client said:

“The Design phase is REALLY IMPORTANT: Not the “Decide. Deliver, Defend” = the madness of expending the energy of defending the decision later (usually by a junior member of staff). Instead, “Discuss, Decide, and Deliver: The delivery point is later but it is fully explored and generates a solution fit for purpose. It is False economy to do the first – Pace over Pause is not effective.”

Or, the divergent and lateral phases remain unaccounted for: The time and energy and commitment it takes to explore, to consult, to be curious, is invisible and thus ignored. We humans have become very good a measuring things. However, we aren’t very good at measuring value. Other then money, we do not know how to honour the value of things we cannot see.

You can’t see time or conversations or consultations or exploration. And yet, without these ingredients, in the crucible, the alchemy cannot happen. This time, energy and commitment are not seen, not applauded, and not rewarded. Then, people wonder what they contribute at all as their work’s nuances are dismissed in favour of getting from A to B, as swiftly (however badly!) as possible.

Career Coaching: Feminine Energy

I’m my experience; women are usually much better at doing the divergent work. This essential, but the unquantifiable contribution is then ignored. I am also noticing that science is getting better at proving what we already know (see the intention experiment for the proof that thought (spells!) travel faster than the speed of light)

So, if without the invisible, unmeasurable input, The Thing (design, project, widget) will not be fit for purpose. Then we need to build space and appreciation for the immeasurable and the unquantifiable. We need to appreciate those who bring these qualities then and treat them as essential to all our endeavors.

We the Curious are not just trying to make life difficult or slow you down! What we bring is the essential prework that will make your Thing brilliant! Value us, wait for your turn, allow for divergence before you decide precisely what ‘B’ is, and then set off on your linear route, safe in the knowledge that it will be the best route.

When you value what you bring, it leads others to follow suit – name it – I dare you! 

You can find Rebecca here at the Daemon Career Coach.