Know Your Value.

Career Coaching: Know Your Value. It’s easy to forget what value you bring when you show up and do something day in and day out. It becomes familiar and thus it feels easy. That’s when you forget that you have niche expertise.

I’m currently working my way through my Three-year Shamanic Practitioner Qualification. This deep and privileged work. Last week I got an invite from a distant colleague inviting me to ‘like’ her Shamanic Healer Facebook page. when I looked a little deeper, the narrative informed me that after a weekend of learning how to access the spirit world, how now she was going to charge to retrieve your power animal for you.
Know that I am not actually challenging whether or not she is qualified to do the task. What I am actually noticing is that my standards might be WAY too high. Would I call myself a Shamanic Healer after a weekend workshop? Maybe not. However, when I have graduated from this three-year qualification I do need to take my knowledge and experience seriously.

Career Coaching: Know Your Value.

Having coached for a decade, I point out what seems like the flippin obvious to me? When actually, I see things because I have years of experience. I both recognise them when I spot inconsistencies. and also I have a variety of ideas on how to work with those things. Those things that I see are not noticed by others so often or if they are a solution is not so obvious. I had a lovely email following an assessment session last week:
“…great to meet you and, I think I’m going to try and work through what I am experiencing by myself for now.  However, the assessment session was REALLY useful in itself and I will take those things we discussed forward and see how they work. In the meantime, I have recommended you to my friend ….”
 And I was Re-reminded that during an assessment session, when I think I am only working out it this potential client and I will be a good fit, I am also; without a second thought, sharing good information. That’s because I know my stuff. However, it is easy to take that for granted & not value it enough myself …
This sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet…. (and, maybe for once, I am!). However, what I’m guessing is that I am not the only one who is undervaluing herself. Do you look at fellow practitioners or colleagues and think ‘goodness, they charge a lot considering how long they have been in practice?’ Just maybe it’s that you are not valuing all that you do bring and you are not charging enough?
Just a thought …

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