Your Sovereignty

Career Coaching: Sovereignty. There’s a type of client who shows up here who has no notion whatsoever of their incredible value. If they are so valuable, why are they showing up here to work with a career coach at all? They are showing up here because, having so little understanding of their intrinsic value, they keep giving it away to other people. Other people can see their value clear enough. These people keep hooking the valuable Client into their enterprises. These enterprises are then inevitably successful.

However, the valuable client has allowed themselves to be pulled off their path and onto other people’s so often, that they now have a scant version of what their path was! They have ceased choosing their own way forward and instead have fallen into a multitude of different things. None of which are their own. Sometimes the turnover of roles can speed up, the earnings from each can fall, the confidence of the valuable client then falls. There is often burnout and despair. It is time to turn this around!

Career Coaching: Sovereignty

If this feels familiar, then I need you to know that none of what you have done has been wasted. Your experiences form the rich tapestry of your future, but, ONLY if you begin to choose to use them In service of yourself. When you take the time to reflect on your past, to harness all that you have learned and achieved, and then choose where you wish to take this too, for you. This is when all those years and diversity of experiences become useful to you.
This is also when you become truly useful to the world. This is you standing in your sovereignty. It is your right. The world will also respond with gratitude.
Try it: I Dare You!!!!

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