Learning Style Strategies

Career Coaching Strategies: Why Learning styles are important

Well, one individual I have been working with discovered it was his learning style that was actually preventing him from getting his job. He was focused and fascinated enough to have gained an MA in his sector of choice. But, could he actually get the job he wanted in order to work his way up to the seniority he deserved No! The two of us puzzled hard over this for our first two sessions together. And then I saw this….
I asked my client a series of challenging questions.. that is my job after all. After about three… he stood up and asked if he could make a cup of tea… from the kitchen emerged the answers I was seeking… This was a first. Most coaching takes place in the coaching space near enough face-to-face. I asked further challenging questions. Once again he went and poured himself a cup of coffee… What seemed to be happening was that he couldn’t access his answers unless he moved, and he couldn’t bear actually to even stay still when the pressure was really on.
So, how on Earth was this individual going to be able to cope with being put on the spot and access her answers if he had to stay still in an interview room! No wonder the interview process wasn’t working for him.

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And yes, I am familiar with ‘the kinesthetic” learning style as I am one. I have provided walking coaching with people who know that’s what they need. I have even shoved a stuck client out into a dark park to walk around when she was literally stuck in her chair and her process. That got her ideas moving!  But never had I witnessed such a significant symptom of the trapped and ‘undiagnosed’ kinaesthetic learner in my coaching room.

Career Coaching Strategies

Now, we can find the ways for him to access his answers in the interview room. Now we can find techniques that enable him to be real and authentic in his responses to questions. Now THAT is what will get him the job!!!! Together we can sieve through the techniques of ‘writing as you listen’ or taking in a ‘stress ball’ to the roo or even designing something absolutely bespoke to this individual. This is one client who will be free to literally step into his authority now we have identified what is getting in his way.
How delightful

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