Why Teamwork is Essential

Career Coaching: Teamwork. People look at me as a Sole Trader and assume I’m on my own. In reality, I have a whole team surrounding me. I have two questions for you:

Firstly, what can you delegate? This might be paid roles or it might be reciprocal. You might find it really easy to promote another person’s skills, when you find it terrifying and exposing to promote your own – there is a natural skill swap just waiting to happen.

Secondly, here are your mirrors? Who reminds you of your successes on a bad day? Who allows you to grizzle the first five minutes and then prompts too to put it right back together in a new way. Who loves you enough to be tough and demand you get up and try again. Who are the people who you respect and who hold you in good-heart…

Career Coaching: Teamwork


This Daemon has a Business Coach, a Leadership Mentor, a Clinical Supervisor, a Shamanic Supervisor, a Bookkeeper, a Website Person (it was really hard to hand that over!). I have a cleaner (possibly THE most important person in the whole equation). I have a whole bunch of trusted friends who will commiserate when things go wrong and celebrate with me when they go right. I’m guessing you are in business because you CAN turn your hand to most things… However, that does not mean that it is sustainable long term to do so!

Where’s your team? Call them in. They need you and, whatever you believe, you REALLY need them!

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