Who’s on Your Team?

Career Coaching: Who’s on Your Team? My business rule is “Don’t try and do it alone”. The image of the sole-trader, the founder, and the entrepreneur is often a lonesome one. Not true in my opinion. In fact, if isolation IS a truth, the longevity of any enterprise is likely to be limited.

If you have a good idea, next it’s time to work out who’s on your team. Contrary to the belief that ‘going it alone’ is exactly that. Don’t. Going it alone is the opposite of what you need to do. Now is the time to pull your people really close.

Career Coaching: Who’s on Your Team?

Hire an accountant. Sort out some peer-mentoring. Get a website designer. Keep your cleaner onside. Get a business coach. Find yourself a good mentor, a supervisor, a troubleshooter. Set up accountability with diverse people to gain as many perspectives as you can…. All of these lenses help to keep you nourished and centered, in the good times and the bad. 

It’s a terrible idea to go off-piste and take nobody with you. The human brain has a natural negative bias. Left to its own devices. It will self destruct, taking you and your business vision with it.

What you need is to surround yourself with a particular type of human: They need to have two essential things. Firstly they must hold you in good heart. Secondly, you must have respect for them. Individuals who do not have these two essential qualities need keeping ‘at a remove’, just whilst you birth Your Thing.

Never, EVER do it alone. Why would you when you don’t need to? 

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