You DO Know Exactly What You Want To Do!

Career Coaching: You DO Know. Someone said to me at the weekend I think our phones and screens have taken the place of our dreaming”. And, I fear she might be right. People come to work with me saying “I don’t know what to do that will satisfy me as a career”. The premise I work with is that every single one of you DOES know, deep down, just what it is that you want to do. What’s happening is that none of us is listening to ourselves.

There are many layers to us humans. One of them lies just beneath the surface. It is SO familiar that we believe all that it tells us is true. The reality is that our belief system has mostly been programmed by others. We have imbibed all that our parents told us and our schools. We may have rebelled in our late teens and cleared ourselves of a chunk of that, however, much of that old stuff is operational still.

The next bit we are programmed by is our society and our peers. It is VERY difficult to hear your own true voice when a whole, invisible layer of you is chucking out instructions and directions… And, with social media making its endless noise, we are fed non-stop with how we ‘should’ be rather than how we are. To hear our own voice we need to make space. We need to learn to hear the quiet voice inside that says ‘it’s this – come this way – follow me’. 

Career Coaching: You Do Know

We need to pause a little in the liminal spaces and take note of the whispers we have learned to ignore. If you were told off for day-dreaming at school its time to rebel against that too. It is in the daydreams, the spaces, the un-pressured journeys of your heart, that your true answers lie.

However impossible they might seem, make space to hear them and take note. The thought that bubbles up when you stare at the view. Or that whisper you hear when you are by the sea. The quiet voice that speaks when you are just waking or falling to sleep, might be exactly the one that will lead you to the career that will satisfy you. 

So what if it seems ridiculous, or nobody else has done it? This is your life and it is time to earn your living in your own way. Hold those ideas gently, the winter is exactly the time to cradle them safely and let them germinate below the ground, safe from the frost of anyone’s criticism – yes, that includes your own harsh words too! You absolutely DO know what you want to do, you just need to learn to hear and honour it! Put your phone down and allow yourself a little space to dream.

Hear yourself and let the dreams grow a little – I dare you! 

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