Career coaching: Your Answers Are Inside 

Career coaching: Your Answers Are Inside. When trying to birth a true business or career pathway, patience is essential. You see it’s really easy to meet someone else’s brief. It’s really easy to show up and do what needs doing – it’s so obvious what needs doing.

When letting your true pathway emerge you have to do exactly that. You have to let it birth itself, in its own flippin time. And it will take its own time!!! What you can do To aid the process is to create the spaces to be able to hear what’s happening on the inside.
We need to learn to listen to ourselves following decades of being taught to listen to others. We have been taught that our answers lie outside of ourselves. At school or uni it was in books. Now we are led to believe that our answers lie on google, in the words of influencers or in adorning ourselves in our next new thing.

Career Coaching: Your Answers Are Inside 

No, your answers do NOT lie in any of these places. Your answers regarding what it is that YOU want to do, in your life, and your work, these answers lie INSIDE of you.
Retrain yourself to hear yourself. What’s your best way of doing so? Some journal into these places, some immerse themselves in nature, some daydream or doodle. I often get my answers when I’m on foot, walking through my thoughts…. percolating them down through my body abs I’ll get my aha moment. Being by the sea, there a vistas wise enough for my emotions and also rhythmical noises that soothe us as ideas flow.
These are the inside answers. These are the really important answers. You might not be able to hurry them, but you can encourage them to speak and you can ensure you hear them and act on them when they come.

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