CPD: Is it a race?

Career Guidance Test: I always thought that career guidance WAS a test. I thought there was a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’, In fact, I believed it was a case of one right and many wrongs. I thought that there was one career that would suit me and all the others wouldn’t. In my 20s and 30s, I kept thinking I had indeed found “The One” and so, every disappointment was not just a let down regarding the role but, it was a total failure in me that I had chosen wrongly, again …

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What I didn’t account for was just how many experiences I was benefiting from and just how much knowledge and wisdom I was accruing on the journey.

Where I thought each experience was a waste worse than the one before, I was accruing a wide range of skills and capabilities across diverse industry sectors. I was learning to accommodate working with a huge diversity of people. I was gaining qualifications everywhere I went. I was also accruing resilience. Every time you get a bump or a bruise, you are learning bounce-back-ability.

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In reality, I was making only two mistakes. Firstly I was assuming time was running out and in my fear, I was running faster and faster from role to role. Thus, I felt I was failing faster. I had no patience, with myself or the process

Secondly, I was failing to reflect on my successes. I was measuring ‘my inside’ with ‘other’s outsides’ and this is never a fair comparison. I was beating myself up for not being as happy, contented or successful as my peers. I was absolutely discounting my achievements.When you discount your achievements then you cannot make use of them, either for yourself or on service of others who might need them.

It’s so nourishing to reflect on what we have done well. It feeds the next step and the next risk and the next courage we need to develop in order to grow. If we seek only the negatives in our experiences, and this is a cultural habit, then our worlds grow small, our rewards shrink and our confidence dissipates.

Your Real Career Guidance Test

So it turns out that career guidance isn’t a test after all. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Continuing professional development is not a race! What there is, if we employ our patience and our reflective abilities to our own professional development, is a series of choices that, in time, feed our journey and refine our roles until we are doing something that we love.

Add patience and a reflective practice to your skills and capabilities and you WILL find your thing. I Dare You! 

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