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My Career Guidance to You for 2018 is this: “NEVER dismiss your existing skills, capabilities and knowledge”. One of the hardest tasks I sent my clients, all of my clients, is to name their kills capabilities and knowledge. I ask them to list 40. By which I mean 40 of each…. there are usually complaints!

Why is this so difficult? It’s because we Northern Europeans are so very terrified of being arrogant, of the old adage of ‘pride before a fall’ that we dismiss anything we find easy or are good at or enjoy doing! This way the only thing we are really blind to is our own flippin brilliance.

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Whilst it is an absolute privilege for me to spend hours mirroring my client’s talents back to
them and see the awe on their faces as they recognise that these ARE actually their assets, it is much better if you can practise doing this fur yourself. For how can you possibly promote yourself, and this is what you need to be doing in this current portfolio career environment if you do not recognise what it is that you have to sell.

I know ‘selling’ isn’t what you went into your sector or follow your passion in order to be selling, but marketing yourself is what you must do. For to wait to have promotions or opportunities or raises pushed your way is the swiftest way to go nowhere.

Perhaps it is easier for men to own their skills … (read ‘Why Women Don’t Ask‘ if you want to understand the cultural connotations further). Whatever your gender, if you do not integrate, own and speak of what you bring and where you wish to bring it, then I’m afraid that you will be static for a long time to come. So I strongly suggest that you do engage in the exercise suggested above.

career guidance

Sit and begin the three lists of skills, knowledge and capabilities. You don’t have to do it all at once. Ask the question of yourself ‘what are my skills/capabilities and what do I know? Just begin. Add to them. Consider things you do outside of work or in parenthood or that you enjoyed when you were younger. Write them ALL down. Don’t forget the things you do for free. Just because they are not paid, doesn’t mean that they are worthless!!!! Usually, it is the opposite.

Career Guidance for 2018

You may find that once you have a list that you need to translate these things into business on the domestic front, getting 3 kids of two different genders to two different schools before you arrive at your own desk at 9 am involves a serious amount of ‘project management’ and conflict resolution’. More Skills that than most CEOs have faced by that time of the morning.

Never qualify how much knowledge you have… you do not need a Nobel prize in it for it to count. Knowledge is knowledge is knowledge. Put it on the list

If you have difficulty reaching 40 on any list then you can try setting up peer relationship. With someone you trust and who hold you in good heart, and ping the ideas about between you. Challenge each other to get to 40 on yourselves.op the list up with affirming each other. Those who care for you will be far quicker at seeing your brilliance that you are.

“Now to the really tricky bit.”

Now to the really tricky bit. Get that person to read your list back to
You. Afterwards, breathe it in and say thank you!

That’s it – no refuting or rebutting or hiding it squirming just meet their eyes and say thank you….. that way it will begin to go in…

This is the way to know what it is you have already have ownership of that you can bring to the new situation you seek. I Dare You!

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