Be More Marmite

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“Be More Marmite!”

If you are anything like me, you may be recognising that you have spent a good part of your life trying to be what you think others have wanted you to be. By now, You might also have begun to notice that this is not such a beneficial strategy? I spent so much time seeking and acting on other’s cues in my twenties that I all but lost who I was in the process.
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I get it, it’s a real risk being yourself. First, you have to learn how to hear what that is. Then you have to risk showing that to others. If that true-self is rejected then that will really hurt. And you know what, I did it, I showed the real me, slowly, awkwardly, but I did it. yep! occasionally got bruised, but equally, through this process, I have gathered the most awesome individuals around me. These are the people who get me and support me and accept me however I am…. I know I’m a bit marmite. People either love me or hate me (ok, that’s a bit strong!), but, I’m happy that their reaction has very little to do with me. It’s a choice.
And, it’s the same at work. We emerge from our degrees, all eager to learn the rules and terrified we will get it wrong… and, we do as we are told and we show respect for authority …

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And, then there comes a time in most adults lives when we reflect on what has happened and realise that other’s professional rules no longer serve us either. It is time to risk showing ourselves in our careers too. It’s time to find the work, profession, career, or project that has real value for us.
If you are to find this value-filled work then you need to bring your whole self to work. You will need to risk showing your vulnerability and your fear, just a little bit of your ‘crazy’ or your ‘quiet’, because, this is where the inspiration lies. We all know that we need to trade differently and we need each unique individual to feed right into the design of that.
Again, this risks vulnerability or rejection, but, if you have the courage to do so, you might just find your professional tribe too. When you find your tribe you can have the confidence to make a real difference. Love it or hate it? Whatever, Be potent in your work …

Be More Marmite – I Dare You!

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