Evidence Gathering:

What if we believed we could choose our mindset?

It is possible to look at just about any situation, or any individual, in a multitude of different ways. Then we evidence-gather to ‘prove’ this to ourselves. 
Sometimes it is preferable to feel ‘safe’ and ‘right’, even if we neither like the conclusion we reach, and nor does it best serve our purpose … Yet we do it all the same.
What if we were to risk stepping outside our comfort-zone? What if we kept an open mind. What might happen if we paused, resisted the magnetic pull of our familiar mindset, really examined the situation from differing angles, and chose how to perceive what was in front of us that would serve everyone involved well?
Might we take this time? Might we be mindful for our reactions to people and events in our lives. Might we keep our responses fluid and like water, reflect only what is really there, not a distorted vision we anticipate? Might we evidence gather positively and see what good might follow?

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